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Thanabalsingam Krishnamohan
Professor in Political Science, eastern University, Sri Lanka
49, 4/4,
Collingwood Place

Sri Lanka
+94 11 2553612
+94 77 7589708
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Miscellaneous Information:

Dr. Thanabalasingam Krishnamohan
Senior Lecturer in Political Science Gr-1

Dept. of Social Sciences,
Eastern University, Sri Lanka,
Sri Lanka.

49 – 4/4, Collingwood Place,
Colombo – 06,
Sri Lanka.
+94112553612 /+94777589708

Date of Birth:        21st June, 1964
Identity Card No: 641731994 V

Civil Status:   Married

Citizen of Sri Lanka by Decent or Registration: Citizen of Sri Lanka by Decent

School Attached: J/ Navatkuli Maha Vidyalayam- 1970 to 1979

J/ Chavakachcheri Hindu College-1980 to 1982

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PhD in Political Science, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, 2005-2009

Title of Research:

Decentralization, Democracy and Development: Demystification and Relevance with Particular Reference to Sri Lankan Dilemma

M.Phil. in Political Science, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, 1996 – 2001 Course work with research component; Course work consists of the following:

  • Advanced Political Analysis
  • Conflict Management and Resolution

Title of Research:

The Trade Unions and Basic Problems of Worker’s in   the Plantation Sector of Sri Lanka

B.A. Hons., (Second Class Upper Division) in Political Science, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, 1983- 1988


Awarded Scholarship for PhD in Political Science from NCAS governed by UGC, 2005-09.


  • Senior Lecturer Grade I: July 2007 – to date
  • Senior Lecturer Grade II: July 2001 – June 2007
  • Lecturer: August 1995 – June 2001
  • Temporary Assistant Lecturer in Political Science, Dept. of Social Sciences, Eastern University, Sri Lank: September 1994 – January 1995
  • Temporary Assistant Lecturer in Political Science, Dept. of Economics, University of Jaffna: May 1989 – August 1993
  • Visiting Lecturer in Trade Union and Management, Worker’s Education Programme, University of Jaffna: January – May, 1993
  • Visiting Lecturer in Public Administration, Extramural Studies Unit, University of Jaffna: January – May, 1993
  • Visiting Lecturer of St. Francis Xavier’s Seminary Jaffna – Political Development of Ceylon and the Government Constitution – Academic Year 1991/92.


Senior Lecturer at Eastern University, Sri Lanka: this position made me (a) gaining experience with adaptable quality of working with team membership; (b) teaching and handling of related subjects; and (c) administering curriculum of Political Science in Department of Social Sciences. This academic career made me contributing to, and facilitating the students’ learning process in, the following areas:

  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Political Organization of Government
  • Contemporary Political Theory and Analysis
  • Principle of Public Administration
  • Public Administration in Sri Lanka
  • Political Issues in Sri Lanka
  • Concepts of Conflict  and Political Violence
  • Comparative Politics
  • Comparative Public Administration
  • Conflict Studies and world Politics

Supervision of final year projects as the partial fulfillment of the degree.

Conduct of tutorial discussions for students

Teaching of a wide range of introductory and advanced political science courses to  External Degree Students:

  • Introduction to Political Science,
  • Elements of Public Administration and
  • Comparative Politics.


Carried out preparing necessary modules and teaching materials for the internal and external degree students in Political Science:

Internal Degree

  •  Introduction to Political Science
  • Contemporary Political Theory and Analysis
  • Public Administration in Sri Lanka
  • Comparative Politics
  • Comparative Public Administration

External Degree

  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Elements of Public Administration
  • Comparative Politics

The course modules and teaching materials for the above subjects were distributed to students and are also available at

PUBLICATIONS: Books in Tamil

  • Krishnamohan.T,  Triangular Power Straggle in Indian Ocean and Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka , Kumaran Book House, Colombo, 2012, ISBN: 978-955-659-343-3
  • Krishnamohan.T,  Political Science: Political Activity and Political Processes,  Chemamadu Pathippakam, Colombo, 2010, ISBN: 978-955-1857-61-5
  • Krishnamohan.T,  Political Science: Study of State and Identification of State,  Chemamadu Pathippakam, Colombo, 2009, ISBN: 978-955-1857-60-8
  • Krishnamohan.T,  Plantation Trade Union Movements in Sri Lanka,  Kumaran Book House, Colombo 2008, ISBN: 978-955-659-124-9
  • Krishnamohan.T,  Comparative Public Administration: Civil Service System in Selected Countries,  Kumaran Book House, Colombo 2007, ISBN: 978-955-659-091-9

Detailed information on availability of these books are given in

Articles Published in Refereed Tamil Journals

  • Krishnamohan.T, Battle Field in Sri Lanka: The Three Reports and Dilemma of the United Nations , Neithal, Vol. 1, No. 1, Faculty of Arts & Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, 2014, in Print
  • Krishnamohan.T, The Role of India in Ethnic Conflict and Resolution in Sri Lanka: Post- 1977 India’s view , Neithal, Vol. 2, No. 2, Faculty of Arts & Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, 2009,ISSN: 20126573
  • Krishnamohan.T, Who is this International Society: Interests and Strategies, Coodam, Vol. 16, January-March, 2010, Colombo
  • Krishnamohan.T, National Interest of India in the Ethnic Conflict of Sri Lanka, Coodam, Vol. 16, January-March, 2009, Colombo
  • Krishnamohan.T, Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution: Nature and Objective of Third Party Mediation, Neithal, Vol. 3, No. 1, Faculty of Arts & Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, 2005.
  • Krishnamohan.T, Machiavalli’s Prince – A Review, Neithal, Vol. 2, No. 1, Faculty of Arts & Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, 1999
  • Krishnamohan.T, South Asian Association of Regional Corporation: Structure & Problems, Chinthanai, Vol. VII, No. I (March), II (July) & III (November), Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna, 1995 (Published in 1998)

The above articles with information are available in


  • Krishnamohan.T,  Legislative Representation of Vanni Region in Sri Lanka: Some Chronicles from 1931 to 1977 ,  Suntharalingam. K, (Publisher), Vanni – History & Culture, Kumaran Book House, Chennai,(Distributer) , Norway, 2014, ISBN : 978-82-303-2572-8
  • Krishnamohan.T,  Emerging Sea Power of China in the Twenty First Century,  felicitating a Great Teacher, Special Souvenir, Published on the occasion of the Retirement of Hindu College Deputy Principal K.T. Rajaratnam, Kumaran Press (Pvt) Ltd, Colombo-12, 2011
  • Krishnamohan.T,  Evolution of Public Administrative System in Sri Lanka: Stability and Experiences,  Economic Development Trend, a review based on Sri Lankan experiences, Felicitation of Professor Nagalingam Balakrishnan, Colombo, 2008, ISBN : 978-955-51372-0-1

The above articles with information are available in

Articles Published on Web

Articles Published In Tamil Magazines

  • Krishnamohan.T, Civil Society, Ezhamthalir, Student’s Union, Faculty of Arts & Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, 2009/10
  • Krishnamohan.T, Foreign Policy and National Interest, Veli, Student’s Union, Faculty of Arts & Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, 2009/10
  • Krishnamohan.T, Plantation Trade Union Movements in Sri Lanka, Veli, Student’s Union, Faculty of Arts & Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, 2004
  • Krishnamohan.T, Nature and Features of Law, Veli, Student’s Union, Faculty of Arts & Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, 2002
  • Krishnamohan.T, Regional Intervention during the Post New World Order: A Theoretical Explanation, Veli, Student’s Union, Faculty of Arts & Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, 2001
  • Krishnamohan.T, Role of Nationalism in Creating the Nation State and its Conflict, Veli, Student’s Union, Faculty of Arts & Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, 1998
  • Krishnamohan.T, Decentralization in Politico-Administrative System in Sri Lanka, Samooha oli, Vol. 3, Social Science Union, Dept. of Economics, University of Jaffna, 1991/92
  • Krishnamohan.T, Labour Participation in Administration, Thulangkal, Publication of Workers Education,University of Jaffna, 1989/90
  • Krishnamohan.T, Election and Representative System – A Theoretical View, Kalaivizha Malar, Saraswathy Central College, 1997

The above articles with information are available in

Articles Published In Tamil Weekly

  1. Krishnamohan.T,   Vanni’s Culture and History,Thinakkural, 2014.08.13 & 14
  2. Krishnamohan.T, Sri Lanka has failed in conducting a credible investigation                        Thinakkural, 2014.08.23
  3. Krishnamohan.T, Independent India’s role in world power  order                        Thinakkural, 2014.08.16
  4. Krishnamohan.T,  Post war mental Trauma,Thinakkural, 2014.08.09
  5. Krishnamohan.T, Two plus Seven Cooperative Structure, Thinakkural, 2014.08.02
  6. Krishnamohan.T, China’s new Silk Route Strategy, Thinakkural, 2014.07.26
  7. Krishnamohan.T,   Sri Lanka that is becoming the Centre of China-South Asia Relationship,Thinakkural, 2014.07.19
  8. Krishnamohan.T,  A Relationship motivated by self-interest between two countries in a Geographically Strategic Region , Thinakkural, 2014.07.12
  9. Krishnamohan.T,  Narenda Modi’s Bhutan visit after Vikramadithya’s Arrival                        Thinakkural, 2014.06.21
  10. Krishnamohan.T,  Genocide that shook the World, and the accountability of the states,Thinakkural, 2014.06.14
  11. Krishnamohan.T,  First foreign visit of Narenda Modi, Thinakkural, 2014.06.07
  12. Krishnamohan.T,  Narendra Modui to be the head of South AsiA? ,Thinakkural, 2014.05.31
  13. Krishnamohan.T,  Sustainable Society should be built by Reconciliation and Accountability, Thinakkural, 2014.05.24
  14. Krishnamohan.T,  Should be celebrated in India too, Thinakkural, 2014.05.17
  15. Krishnamohan.T,  Real Reconciliation activities through Security and mutual trust insisted by LLRC Thinakkural, 2014.05.03
  16. Krishnamohan.T,  Suitable Land Policy insisted by LLRC, Thinakkural, 2014.04.26
  17. Krishnamohan.T,   LLRC ’s Report on People left vulnerable by Civil War, Thinakkural, 2014.04.19
  18. Krishnamohan.T,  Public Trust should be built in Reconciliation activities, Thinakkural, 2014.04.12
  19. Krishnamohan.T,  Reconciliation Impeded by Human Rights Violation, Thinakkural, 2014.04.05
  20. Krishnamohan.T,  LLRC’s Attempt to implement Good Governance, Thinakkural, 2014.03.29
  21. Krishnamohan.T,   Recommendation of Power Sharing by LLRC, Thinakkural ,2014.03.22
  22. Krishnamohan.T,  The (Chinese) Snare, self-woven by Sri Lanka , Thinakkural, 2014.02.15
  23. Krishnamohan.T,  A need for leaders who can stop Genocide  ,  Thinakkural, 2014.01.25
  24. Krishnamohan.T,  America’s self-interested politics that victimizes  Tamils,Thinakkural, 2014.01.18
  25. Krishnamohan.T,   India’s long term dream Thinakkural, 2014.01.11
  26. Krishnamohan.T,   The Triangular Agreement gives a new message in the Sea Communication Network Thinakkural, 2014.01.04
  27. Krishnamohan.T,  No one can isolate Sri Lanka in the self- interest politics Thinakkural 2013.11.09
  28. Krishnamohan.T,  Sri Lanka ensnared by the Leadership of the Commonwealth Countries,Thinakkural, 2013.11.02
  29. Krishnamohan.T,  The two Super powers seeking equilibrium in relationship in the Asia – Pacific region , Thinakkural, 2013.10.26
  30. Krishnamohan.T,  UN Learns a Lesson in Sri Lanka too Thinakkural, 2013.10.19
  31. Krishnamohan.T,  An Environment with Peace, Respect and Justice should be born,Thinakkural 2013.10.05
  32. Krishnamohan.T,  The Regaining of Northern Province , Thinakkural, 2013.09.28
  33. Krishnamohan.T,  The Strengthening Demand for international Democracy , Thinakkural, 2013.09.14
  34. Krishnamohan.T,  Who is this Pillai Thinakkural, 2013.09.14
  35. Krishnamohan.T,  Sri Lanka in a Diplomatic setback , Thinakkural, 2013.09.07
  36. Krishnamohan.T,  Commonwealth Summit is going to take place in the absence of progress on Accountability Thinakkural, 2013.08.31
  37. Krishnamohan.T,  The United Nations Strives for the Interests of the Super Powers ,Thinakkural, 2013.08.24
  38. Krishnamohan.T,  India’s Venture to Determine East -Asia’s International (System),Thinakkural, 2013.08.10
  39. Krishnamohan.T,  Security Council should be Restructured , Thinakkural, 2013.08.10
  40. Krishnamohan.T,  United Nations must be restructured according to the new world order ,Thinakkural, 2013.08.03
  41. Krishnamohan.T,  The Sri Lankan Political Culture Denies Power to the Tamils Thinakkural 2013.07.27
  42. Krishnamohan.T,  The Debilitating Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Pact Thinakkural, 2013.07.20
  43. Krishnamohan.T,  Asian Dragon Defeats Asian Tigers Thinakkural , 2013.06.29
  44. Krishnamohan.T,  Asia -Pacific Region is becoming the Pivot of Power of the USA  ,  Thinakkural, 2013.06.15
  45. Krishnamohan.T,  Sri Lanka and China as Strategic Collective Partners,  Thinakkural ,2013.06.08
  46. 37.  Krishnamohan.T,  Sri Lanka’s Catastrophe, Thinakkural, 2013.06.01
  47. 38.  Krishnamohan.T,  Requisite for Reformulating the Foreign Policy of Sri Lanka,Thinakkural, 2013.05.25
  48. 39.  Krishnamohan.T,  Two Super Powers in Diplomatic Tussle ,  Thinakkural, 2013.05.18
  49. Krishnamohan.T, South China Sea Dispute to Create New Cold War,  Thinakkural, 2013.05.11
  50. Krishnamohan.T, Incursions into Ladakh Region as the determinant of Indo-China Relationship , Thinakkural, 2013.05.04
  51. Krishnamohan.T, The May Day – Exploring the Solidarity of International Working Class , Thinakkural, 2013.05.01
  52. Krishnamohan.T, India’s Pretended Tears for Sri Lankan Tamils , Thinakkural, 2013.04.27
  53. Krishnamohan.T, Sri Lanka’s Diplomatic Catastrophe in Human Rights Council, Thinakkural, 2013.04.06
  54. Krishnamohan.T, Resolution against Sri Lanka – India in Dilemma,  Thinakkural, 2013.03.16
  55. Krishnamohan.T, Will Sri Lanka actively evolve in Liaison with International Community? Thinakkural, 2013.03.09
  56. Krishnamohan.T, The Chess of the Super Powers by witnessing the Genocide of Tamils ,Thinakkural, 2013.03.02
  57. Krishnamohan.T,  Diplomacy of America and Tamils   as  a  Trump,  Thinakkural, 2013.02.23
  58. Krishnamohan.T, Dual  Objectives of India ,  Thinakkural, 2013.02.09
  59. Krishnamohan.T, Sri Lanka’s Intensive Focus on Naval Security,  Thinakkural, 2013.02.02
  60. Krishnamohan.T,  India that led the war did fail to devise the mechanism for resolution , Thinakkural, 2013.01.12
  61. Krishnamohan.T, Sri Lanka’s Battle Field as the Research Field,  Thinakkural, 2013.01.05
  62. Krishnamohan.T, Sri Lanka as the Defence Partner of India,  Thinakkural, 2012.12.29
  63. Krishnamohan.T, Pakistan’s Backings in the Sri Lankan Civil War,  Thinakkural, 2012.12.22
  64. Krishnamohan.T, Post War Challenges of Sri Lanka,  Thinakkural, 2012.12.15
  65. Krishnamohan.T, US that backed the last phase of the war should be interrogated too, Thinakkural, 2012.12.08
  66. Krishnamohan.T, UN criticised itself and diverted world attention,  Thinakkural, 2012.12.01
  67. Krishnamohan.T, UN’s buttress for the Massive Massacre and its Present Quest for the Culprits,  Thinakkural, 2012.11.24
  68. Krishnamohan.T, Is China’s Investment for Defence Useful?,  Thinakkural, 2012.11.17
  69. Krishnamohan.T, Norway, the Facilitator for India’s deceitfulness,  Thinakkural, 2012.10.27
  70. Krishnamohan.T, Norway’s Generous Responsibility in Sri Lanka’s Ethnic Conflict, Thinakkural, 2012.10.20
  71. Krishnamohan.T, Escalating China’s Diplomatic Mission in South Asia,  Thinakkural, 2012.10.13
  72. Krishnamohan.T, China’s future Political and Defence move in exploitation of Hambantota Harbour,  Thinakkural, 2012.10.06
  73. Krishnamohan.T,  Strengthening the Sea Line Communication Network is China’s Present Requisite,  Thinakkural, 2012.09.29
  74. Krishnamohan.T, Sri Lanka’s Amelioration to China for enfolding India,  Thinakkural, 2012.09.22
  75. Krishnamohan.T, Without Delhi’s Blessings, No Miracles for Tamils,  Thinakkural, 2012.09.15
  76. Krishnamohan.T, Sri Lankan Tamils as Trump in Tamil Nadu Power Politics,  Thinakkural, 2012.09.01
  77. Krishnamohan.T, India’s securing of self-defence by setting instability in Sri Lanka, Thinakkural, 2012.08.18
  78. Krishnamohan.T, Towards Autonomous and Independent Education,  Thinakkural, 2012.08.05
  79. Krishnamohan.T, Powerless Election Commission and Commissioner of Sri Lanka, Thinakkural, 2012.08.01
  80. Krishnamohan.T, Strengthening the Power of President with the Eighteenth Constitutional Amendment,  Thinakkural, 2011.11.06 & 2011.11.13
  81. Krishnamohan.T, Homeland Theory and Resolution Attempts,  Virakesary, 2002.05.14
  82. Krishnamohan.T, Mayday awakens inner-consciousness of Working Class,  Virakesary Varamallar, 2002.04.28
  83. Krishnamohan.T, System of Representation – A View,  Virakesary, 1997.07.08
  84. Krishnamohan.T,  Muslim’s Raising Nationalism led by Jinnah that thrives Independent Pakistan , Virakesary, 1997.08.14
  85. Krishnamohan.T, Israel and Middle East Conflicts,  Virakesary, 1997.10.12
  86. Krishnamohan.T,  The decision of resolving the resolution of Legislative Authorized Unit, by individual referendum: Is it the reflection of chauvinists’ strategy for segmenting the homelands of Tamils? ,   Virakesary, 1997.10. 21

Full Articles are Available on   and


  • The liberation struggle obscured in the international community , Faculty forum, Faculty of Arts & Culture, EUSL, February 2010
  • Regional Super power of India and its Mediation in Ethnic Conflict of Sri Lanka , Faculty forum, Faculty of Arts & Culture, EUSL, August 2001

Positions Held

  • Coordinator, External Degree Programme, Faculty of Arts & Culture – 2014 to 2017
  • Head, Department of Social Sciences – May 2003 to May 2006
  • Coordinator, Department of Social Sciences – March 2003 to April 2003
  • Coordinator, External Degree Programme, Faculty of Arts & Culture – 2001 to 2003
  • Acting Head, Department Fine Arts – August 2009 to May 2010
  • Academic Part – time Sub-warden, Men’s Hostel – 2001 to 2003
  • Student councilor – 2002 to 2006

Institutional Development

  • Member of Board of Study (BOS), EDP & Extension Courses, from December,2014
  • Compiling  the Students’ Manual, Faculty of Arts & Culture, 2015-2020
  • Co- Editor,  Neithal, Refereed Journal, Faculty of Arts & Culture, 2013-2014
  • Member of the Faculty  Curriculum Development Committee, 2014
  • Co-ordinator, Undergraduate Degree SCL , outcome based Syllabus Compiling, Faculty of Arts & Culture, 2014
  • Revised the Undergraduate General and Special Degree Syllabus in Political Science of Department of Social Sciences in 2014.
  • Chairman of Editorial Committee for International Research Conference of Eastern University, Sri Lanka (ICE), organized by Eastern University, Sri Lanka, 2014
  • Member of Committee for the International Research Conference Eastern University, Sri Lanka (ICE), organized by Eastern University, Sri Lanka, 2014
  • Member of the Higher Degree Committee of Faculty of Arts & Culture – May 2003 to May 2006
  • Member of the Centre for Social Research & Development Committee – (CSRD) 2005
  • Member of the Annual Research Session, organized by Faculty of Arts & Culture – 2005
  • Faculty Representative to the  Staff Development Centre (SDC) – 2001 to 2003
  • Member of the Senate – May 2003 to May 2006
  • Member of the Faculty Board of Arts & Culture – 2001 to date
  • Member of the Board to Develop the curriculum of Faculty of Arts & Culture under the Semester System – 2001
  • Administrative Editor, Journal of Neithal, Faculty of Arts & Culture – 2002 to 2003


  • Participating Training Programme in Counselling for University Academics, Sri Lanka Foundation (SLF), Collaboration with the University Grants Commision From 23rd – 26th June, 2014
  • Awarded Certificate, Intensive Residential Training Program on Student Centred Learning, Staff Development Centre, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka on 28th to 30th March 2014
  • T raining Programme on Developing Research Competencies , Sponsored by the Higher Education for the Twenty First Century (HETC) Project, Human Resource Development (HRD), Ministry of Higher Education – 19th to 23rd December 2011
  • Workshop on Performance Indicators for the Higher Education Institution , Organized by the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council (QAAC) and Staff Development Centre of the Eastern University, Sri Lanka – 19th January 2009
  • Conference: World Development Report 2009 & Implication for Sri Lanka , conducted by Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka – 18th March 2009.
  • Sixth (6th) Annual Symposium on Poverty Research in Sri Lanka: Putting Lanka First Exploring the Lings Between Land and Poverty conducted by the Centre for poverty analysis , BMICH – 22nd to 24th November 2005
  • Workshop on Future Democracy and Good Governance in Sri Lanka , conducted by the Centre for Policy Alternatives, Kandy – 23rd to 25th September 2005
  • Workshop on Course Structure and Curriculum Development , conducted by the Faculty of the Arts & Culture, EUSL – February 2004
  • Training Course on Monitoring & Guiding Early Childhood Development , conducted by the Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration – October 2004
  • Training Course on Improving Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education (IRQUE) , conducted by the EUSL, Sri Lanka – November 2003
  • Workshop on Improving Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education (IRQUE) , conducted by the Policy planning and development Unit, University Grant Commission – September 2003
  • Seminar on An Introduction to Quality Assurance in Higher Education System , conducted by EUSL, Sri Lanka – August 2002.


  • Reviewing Articles for “ KALAM” International Journal of Faculty of Arts & Culture, Volume (1&2) 2014, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
  • Students Seminars for GCE A/L in Political Science at Kaluthavalai, Batticaloa, Eravur and Arasadithevu.
  • Developing of intranet for Department of Social Sciences, for the use of Students, Staff and researchers within the University.
  • Served as a Chief Examiner for the GCE (A/L) Examination – 2003 to date

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